About this course

In this course, top educators from the Capstone IAS Academy UPSC category will be delivering concise lectures on important topics for the exam. Learners preparing for UPSC can benefit from this batch course. The Course will be covering important topics under their respective subjects.

What you will learn

Get guidance from top exam Instructors as your personal coach, align your preparation strategy & learning methods

Focused to Learning on General Studies (Prelims + Mains)

India’s Top IAS Officers Guide you on your way to Success

Detail optional preparation + question answer sessions + rigorous answer writing practice sessions

This course includes

  • Total 700+ Hrs Classes
  • Each Class Session is for 2.5 Hours
  • 10 Months course duration
  • Week-Day and Week-End batches
  • Access on mobile and laptop
  • Access to Previous Class Videos