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As the  UPSC coaching academy founded by a group of like-minded former Civil Servants, the courses we offer have been designed by experts who have not only cleared the UPSC examinations but are now serving this country with distinction.

Patience and perseverance are key to preparing for the UPSC. Taking a quiz and revising a concept is possible for aspirants. Lessons/videos can be viewed any number of times. It is designed in a way that allows you to move at your own speed.

Capstone Edu-Tech Program Objective

An intensive and comprehensive interactive online program focusing on candidates who are keen to clear
the Civil Service Examination. In addition, our experts provide invaluable advice to
aspirants on how to grasp key concepts and write effective answers.

UPSC 2023 Approach & Strategy

Aspirants will understand the demands of UPSC exams better with our simple, practical, and focused approach. Our strategy is to keep the preparation process dynamic and provide personalized attention to each aspirant based on factors like core competence, availability of time and resources, and the nature of the Civil Service Exam.

Throughout the past year, aspirants have worked hard to improve their skills and boost their confidence. Aspirants will get an organized approach to preparing for Prelims 2023, as our online training package contains top-tier learning materials and mock test modules.

Our Capstone Prelims Test Series 2023 course is designed so that students can prepare by working in steps. The educational program aims to keep one on track toward thoroughly tackling the UPSC syllabus from NCERT and advanced research so as to clear the UPSC exam.

We designed UPSC Mains Coaching 2023 to provide UPSC aspirants with a multidimensional perspective across key IAS Mains topics and to improve their ability to write answers through tests, test discussions, evaluations, personal mentoring, and mains revision classes. 

Essay guidance
program as part of IAS Coaching 

  • Interpret the tone, direction, and demand of essay topics.
  • Be able to understand both philosophical and general topics from a Big Picture point of view.
  • Employing the GS knowledge base for elaboration of timelines and sectors with analysis and examples.
  • UPSC Mock Interviews – Interview Simulations 
  • Detailed constructive feedback.
  • Video recording for self-assessment.
  • One-on-one assistance for improvement areas 

Interview Guidance Program

During preparation, knowing your position is essential. Because of this, we make sure that your work is reviewed thoroughly. We have specially designed test analytics to help you identify strengths and weaknesses, and adjust your UPSC CSE preparation plan, along with a progress bar that shows your current readiness level.

Contact Our Experts

After you receive your test score, you can contact our experts for guidance and
coach about the areas in which you need improvement.

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